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Assume the posture of padmasana and let your heels meet below your navel. Take your hands at your back and catch the wrist of your left hand with your right hand .Close your left fist. Now straighten your back and raise your shoulders; your hands should exert their force downward. Inhale slowly. Bend your body forward from the waist in such a way that your backbone remains straight. While doing so keep exhaling. Do not bend your neck nor raise your hips from the ground .Touch the ground with your forehead, raising your locked hands high in the sky. Practice staying in this posture for some time; inhale and exhale slowly. From here, return to your original position, while slowly inhaling.

Now repeat this process by first turning your waist towards right and then towards left. The hands in the former position will be on the left hip and in the latter position on the right. In the former position will be on the left hip and in the ground beside the right knee and in the latter case beside the left knee. Be sure to turn your waist as much as your can.

Open your Padmasana and come to the rest posture.



The impurities stuck in the legs and joints leaves their place and the muscles get strengthened. Digestive organs become healthy; the stomach, liver and spleen are toned are toned up; constipation is removed. The spine and the nerve tissues originating from it as well as the muscles of waist get strengthened.