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Lie down on your back. Take your hands beyond your head and stretch them, keeping the palms facing the sky. Now make your body stiff by stretching your hands upward and your legs downward. Raise your legs up, about 7 or 8 cm from the ground. Slowly raise your left leg and bring it at 90 to the ground while inhaling . Do not raise your head nor there be any bend in your raised leg. Stay in this position for a few moments. Bring the leg slowly down to its original position and inhale. Bring the arm also to its original position on the ground and exhale. Now raise both your while inhaling . While they are 90 to the ground, raise both your arms slowly and exhale. Try to touch your toes with your hands. Stay in this position for sometime. Then bring the legs and the hands down. Relax.



This is the best and sure remedy for obesity. Abdominal disorder are cured. Even chronic constipation is removed. Spine, shoulders and the muscles of the back are strengthened. This is very useful asana for increasing height. It increases appetite and cures backache.