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First position erect, keeping the distance between the feet about one or one –and –a-half feet. Raise your right hand towards the sky and look towards its palm. Keep your left hand down. Now pull your right hand up and left hand down by stretching your body.

Final position: Now lower down slowly towards left, without bending your legs. In such a way that your left palm should touch the ground on the side of your foot. Keep on exhaling your breath during the process of lowering. Keeping your right arm close to your ear, make it parallel to the ground, looking all the time towards the sky. Now revert to the first position while inhaling the breath. In this position, stretch both your hands up and down. Repeat this process with left hand up and right hand down.


Fully stretch your body while doing the asanas. Watch your breath, inhale and exhale in proper position.



This asana helps the large intestine and spleen in proper functioning. The muscles and nerves of the spinal cord become flexible while stretching. The muscles of the waist are strengthened. The neck and its glands also get good exercise.