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First sit In Vajrasana. Now stand up on your knees and set your feet apart, so that you can sit on the goring between then. The feet will again be in lying position. Place your hands on the front part of your feet. Bend backward and so that your eyes are also pointed backwards. In the final stage, lower the whole of your back on the ground. Stretch your hands backward while inhaling. Now remove the gap between your fingers and make a cushion of your hands under your head. Normalize your breath and stay in this posture for one or two minutes.

This is rather a difficult posture. If you are unable to do according to the instructions above, practice with a gap between the knees in the beginning. Your body will take some time to gain elasticity and then you would find it easy to do. While keeping your eyes on your knees.



The knees, things, waist, abdomen, spine, neck and ankles are strengthened. The kidneys and the organs of procreation, in both the women and men, are toned up. It relieves hot temper and physical and mental exhaustion.