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Lie on your back and let your body relax completely. Let your feet be 30 to 40 cm apart, your arms on your sides with palms upwards, eyes gently closed with attendant on breathing. Keep your body in a straight position; the legs, hands and neck should have no curves or bends so that the blood flows through all parts of the body freely and without any obstruction. Breathe deeply and effortlessly in a natural way.

Other asana usually dislocate our breath, increase your speed of breath, increase our speed of breathing. When Shavasana is done after any other asana, it makes our breathing normal, provides necessary rest to our limbs and gives us strength to be ready for the next asana. When breathing is normalized, take a long and deep breath. Now concentrate on each and every part of your body, putting it in a completely relaxed state. These should be absolutely no tension in your body or mind. Only then you can consider this asana properly done. if there are thoughts in the mind, they should be removed. Repeat the word "OM" mentally to get concentration of mind. Make your mind completely vacant and stay in this position for some time.

Of all the asanas , Shavasana is the most difficult one. To do it successfully, one needs a lot of practice.

We can do it lying on our sides also instead of lying on our back. For this, lie down on your left or right side and bending your left or right arm (according to the side on which you are lying) from the elbow, place it under your your head like a pillow. Bend your knees a little. The rest of the body will remain in a straight line.


Do Shavasana after each asana or leave the body loose and relaxed for some time. Whenever you feel physically or mentally exhausted, practice it for a few minutes. You will get relief. If you do not get sound sleep, practice it before sleeping.



This asana puts new life in a battered body and mind. The stiffness of tissues and restlessness of mind can be easily removed by it. When we do Shavasana after another asana, the blood reaches the depth of each tissue and nerve, so that impurities are washed off, lungs purify more blood. This asana provides relief in disease like blood pressure, weakness of nerves and other mental aliments. This cures bad temper also.