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The word ‘Shalabha’ means locust. In this posture, the body assumes the form of a locust. Lie down on the ground with your face downward. Join your heels and keep your feet on the ground. Your chin should rest on the ground . Place your hands under your thighs in such a way that the palms should stick to the thighs. Now raise your legs and the hind portion of your body up to the waist, while inhaling. Do not bend your legs nor raise your face from the ground. Stay in this position for sometime and then come back slowly exhaling the breath and taking your hands cut.

Relax and loosen your body, while keeping your right cheek on the ground.



All parts of the abdomen get fully exercised. It keeps the heart, spine and lungs healthy and strong. It saves us from the diseases of the heart. Obesity is also cured.