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Sit on your dari, etc. stretch your legs forward. Try to place the soles of your feet on the ground. Now raise your hands up in the sky slowly while inhaling. The palms of your hands should point forward with your arms slightly touching the ears. Exhale and bring your hands down and catch hold of your heels. Pulling at the heels with your face between the knees. If you cannot touch your knees with your nose of forehead, do not raise your knees. Instead, raise your body a little while inhaling and then bring it down again while exhaling. Do this four or five times and you would see that after a few days, your body has become more elastic. Now start inhaling and slowly raise your hands and body, and then sit in the rest posture.



It rouses the gastric fire and invigorates appetite. Disorders of the kidney, liver and spleen are removed. Obesity, piles backache and constipation – all disappear with its regular practice. It helps strengthen sushumna nadi and increases the elasticity of the spine, thereby giving perennial youth.