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‘Mayura’ means peacock. So, this may be called the peacock posture as the body in this asana resembles a peacock.



Sit on your knees Bend a little forward, join your elbows together and rest your palms on the ground .Keep a distance of 3 or 4 cm between your wrists. Keep the hands firm. Now bring down your abdomen slowly on your joined elbows. Balancing the weight of the entire body on the elbows, stretch your legs. Now inhale and lift your face in the front and your legs in the rear from the ground and try to make them parallel to the posture for a few moments, then put your feet on the ground first and exhale

Rest for a few minutes in Shavasana after this. This is rather difficult posture. In the beginning, balance yourself only for a little while. Be careful to keep your elbows joined together. After you have had enough practice, do it for one or two minutes daily.



It enhances the working power of the kidneys and digestive organs and removes all the disorders of wind, bile and phlegm. It increases blood circulation in the body and purifies the blood. This gives beauty and oja to the body. Sluggishness of the liver and hepatic torpidity are removed. This also helps to check obesity.