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Fold your left leg from the knee and place it on the right thing as is done in the Padmasana. The sole of the left foot will be set at the root of the thigh. Now lift the right foot and keep it on the on the other side of the left knee. Raise the left hand, take over the right knee and catch the right toe firmly in the left hand. Take your hand behind the back, so that the chin touches the left shoulder. Turn back as much as possible stay in position. Come back and relax. Repeat it on the other side placing the right foot on the left thigh.


It is a useful asana for stomach problems and is the best asana for combating diabetes. It cures enlargement of spleen and has a very good effect on the pancreas and liver. It used to be a favorite asana of yogi Matsyendranath. The hathayogis still like to practice this asana for yogic powers.