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First posture : Lie down on your back. Bend your legs in such a way that your heels should touch your hips. Keep a distance of about 15cm between your feet. Now spread your hands to your right and left sides in such manner that the palms should face the sky. Keep the body completely stretched. Now start inhaling; turn both of your knees to right and try to place them on the ground. Simultaneously, turn your neck towards your left palm. Wring your body like a towel. Stay in this position for sometime. Then return to the original position while exhaling. Repeat the process by turning the knees to left and the neck to right. After this asana, lie down in Shavasana. Second posture : Stretch your hands to your sides in line with your shoulders, palms facing toward and the fist closed. Join your feet and legs and raise them up to an angle of 60. Take your feet to wards right and bend your neck to the left. Inhale and wring your body fully like a towel, keeping your eyes on your left fist. Bring back your legs again at 60 and exhale . Face also will come to its original position. Repeat this process by taking your legs to left and your neck to right. Relax in Shavasana.



It increases the circulation of blood in the body and relieves the body exhaustion. It particularly has good effect on the abdomen. The back and neck are exercised and their elasticity brings back youth and beauty to the body.