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Stretch forward your right leg fully. Bend your left leg and place your left foot under your right thigh in such a way that its heel should touch your anus. Now raise your hands up while inhaling the breath. Bring them down slowly while exhaling, bending your body forward. Catch your left heel with both the palms of your hands. Try to touch your left knee with your nose or bring it as close to it as possible. Your elbows should rest on the ground.

Stay in this position for some time empty your lungs by exhaling while still in the position of Bohya Kumbhaka. If you cannot touch your nose with the knee, practice bending forward as far as you can.

This process should be repeated with the left leg stretched and right leg bent; try to touch your left knee now with your forehead.



This is a very useful posture for Dhyana. It helps to increase the concentration of mind. It also removes all seminal disorders. It brings elasticity and youthful agility in the entire body. It has a special effect in toning up the muscles of knees, ankles and thighs. It is good for those suffering form sciatica.