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Bend your right leg at the knee and set the heel between your anus and penis or vagina. Now lift your foot and crossing it over the right knee, place it on the ground on the outer side of the right thigh. The entire sole of the left foot should be on the ground .Adjust it in such a way that your left knee should remain in the middle of your chest .Now lift your right hand straight up bring it down slowly crossing the left knee, and catch the sole of your left foot from the side of the toe with this hand. The left hand will go at the back .Keep the spine straight and look backward. Inhale and turn your spine fullu, so the greater the benefit, because you are pressing your spine fully, so that both the shoulders come in a straight line. The more you turn the spine, the greater the benefit, because you are pressing your left knee on your stomach and chest .You will press it more as much as you turn your spine. The pressing of the knee influences your abdomen, pancreases, spleen and large intestine on the one side and liver and large intestine on the other. Both the kidneys and the small intestine are also strengthened. Be careful not to bend your waist. If your hand does not reach the sole of your foot, hold your ankles instead or press your knee a little more with your elbow. This specialty of this asana lies in the pressing off the abdomen by the knee and also in turning the waist and the shoulders so that one looks backward.Repeat this posture by placing the left heel between the anus and the genitals, and by pressing the abdomen with the right knee 



This asana makes the spine elastic and tones up the nervous system along with the spinal nerve-roots. This is especially advantageous for those suffering from diabetes. All kinds of backaches are by its practice. The digestive organs, specially the pancreas and the liver, become string. The lings and heart are also toned up.