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Kali means dark and Chaudas means 14th i.e. The Dark Fourteenth. This day is also referred to as Narakchaturdashi and Roopchaturdashi.

In the 85th verse (slokh) of the Shikshapatri, Lord Shree Swaminarayan instructs His devotees to chant prayers of Hanuman or Narayan Kavach in times of distress from spirits and ghosts.

Furthermore in the 127th verse He instructs the Spiritual heads of the sect (Acharyas) to perform worship of Hanuman on the 14th day of the dark half of the month of Aaso.


On this day:

Devotees offer their humble prayers and worship unto the Son of Wind-God (Pavan-putra) Hanuman, who protects from evil spirits and the like.


Further information:

In Shreemad Satsangi Jeevan, Dharmadev’s father, Bal Shrama advises him to remember Hanuman in the time of distress as he is also the cherished deity (Kuldev) of the clan, hence the Archaryas are instructed to offer worship.

Devotees of the Udhava/Swaminarayan Sect also perform worship and offer their respects and prayers to the mighty Hanuman, who bestows great blessings upon his worshippers.

Lord Shree Krushna anhilated the evil King Narkaasur of Pragjyotishpur and rescued the 16100 women held captive by him as well as various valuable object of the demigods.


References on Hanuman:

In the 2nd Vachanamrut of Jetalpur, Lord Swaminarayan mentions him as a Yati (A person who firmly follows the vow of celibacy and one who has conquered all of his sense organs).

Furthermore, in the 16th Vachanamrut of Gadhda Antya Prakran, He commends Hanuman for his devotion and vow of fidelity unto Lord Ramachandra.

In the 16th Prakran of Bhakta Chintamani, Dharmadev mentions Hanuman being blessed by Lord Raghuvir (Ramachandra) as being Chiranjeevi - (Immortal – until the end of Kaliyug and the start of the next Satyug). Therefore he has also served Lord Krushna in the Dwapar Era and Lord Swaminarayan in Kaliyug Era.


The worship:

Hanuman is venerated with oil, flowers, sandalwood and sindoor. Coconuts and food items made with sesame seeds, rice with ghee and sugar are also offered as part of the veneration.

In the 39th Vachanamrut of Gadhda Antya Prakran Lord Swaminarayan mentions that great great devotees, such as Hanuman, Narad and Prahalad, have also asked Lord for protection against Maya formed by the I-ness and my-ness and to develop love and affection for the Lord as well as constant company of devotees who have achieved such status developing love and affection for such.

We ask for his benediction to attain the devotion and firm fidelity towards our Ishtdev Lord Shree Swaminarayan.



Aum Namo Hanumate Bhaybhanjanaya Sukham Kuru Phat Swaha

Aum, I bow forth to Hanuman, the vanisher of fears, bless us so that we may be blissful


Prayers offered:

Mano-Javam Maaruta-Tulya-Vegam, Jite[a-I]ndriyam Buddhi-Mataam Varissttha |

Vaata-Atmajam Vaanara-Yuutha-Mukhyam, Shriiraama-Duutam Sharannam Prapadye |


I take refuge unto Shree Hanuman, who is swift as the mind and fast as wind,

The master of the senses, honoured for His superior intellect and wisdom,

Son of the Wind God and leader amongst the monkeys,

I take refuge unto the messenger of Shree Rama



Jay Kapi-Balavanta Jay Kapi-Balavanta

Sur Nar Muni-Jan Vandit, Padraj Hanumanta 1

All glories to Hanuman, the mighty monkey

To whom the demi-gods, humans and sages bow


Praudh Pratap Pavan Sut, Tribhuvan Jay-Kari

Asur Ripu Mad Ganjan, Bhay Sankat Hari 2

Your might Oh son of the Wind-God is known and praised throughout the three worlds

Fearsome to the demons, demolisher of false-pride, You relieve devotees off fear and difficulties


Bhut Pishach Vikat Grah, Pidat Nahi Jampe

Hanumant Hak Suni-Ne, Thar Thar Thar Kampe 3

Ghosts, poltergeists, planets, do not cause hassle to one who worships You

Upon listening to your roar, they tremble with fear of You


Raghuvir Sahay Olangyo, Sagar Ati Bhari

Sita Shodh Le Aye, Kapi Lanka Jari 4

With the grace of Lord Rama, You leaped across the mighty ocean

You located the whereabouts of Sita in the golden city of Lanka


Ram Charan Rati Dayak, Sharana-Gat Trata

Premanand Kahe Hanumant, Vanchhit Fal-Data 5

You ever worship the holy lotus feet of Lord Rama, protect those surrendered unto You

Premanand says, Hanuman bestows desired merits unto His devotees