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Prayer to God

Protect me from the 4 types of bad association namely;
Kudapanthi – those who make us makes you fall off from 5 Vratman
ShaktiPanthi – those who encourage us to drink alcohol and eat meat,
Shushkvedanti – those who convince us that God and his Divine abode has no form)
Nastik – those who only believe in Karma

Hey Maharaj Please protect me from the inner enemies like Kaam (Lust), Krodh (anger), Lobh (Greed), Moh (false/wrong attachment), Ahankar (Pride/ego), Irshaa (Jealousy) Deh Abhiman (Self Ego) etc.

Vach. G.P.P 48

Dear Lord please destroy/fix all my mistake/incompleteness {in the path of salvation}.

Vach. G.M.P 66

Please protect me from both my own body its relations. Love and bless me so i can like/love you and also give me the association and understanding of the saints and devotees.

Vach. G.A.P 39

Prayer to Ganeshji

Dear Ganeshji, Please bless me and guide me so that I could perform Bhakti in a similar manner as you and let me be the dearest to God, Please remove any obstacles I may have in my quest to reach God.

Prayer to Surya Naranyandev

Dear SuryaNarayan Dev, when you rise in the morning you bring smile on millions of souls no matter if they are good or bad. Please give me the ability of NOT seeing any bad in anyone and give me the strength to perform my spiritual duties such that God and Saints will always be pleased with me.

Prayer to Shivji & Devi Parvati

Dear Lord, you are so innocent, kind and merciful. The way you have dis-owned everything and kept Tiger skin as clothing and snakes as your ornaments. Please bless me such that I can dis-own all that God does NOT like. Give me the ability so that I can be like what you are to God, His true Saints and true Devotees.

Dear Mother the way you are devoted to your husband and ONLY him, please bless me so that I can have the same devotion for my ONE and ONLY God.


Prayer to Hanumanji

Dear Hanumanji, please grace me with your understanding of God and the way you chant and wish to listen to Gods name all day long. Show me the way I can live in the service of God without having any ego.