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Nilkanth Varni was on Vanvicharan. He just arrived in Loj. He was 18 years and 4 months old. Here, He met Muktanand Swami, a very able, learned and trusted disciple of Shree Ramanand Swami. Ten months later after arriving in Loj he wrote this letter to Ramanand swami who was in Bhuj. The letter was written on the 5th day of dark half of Falgun month in the Samvat year 1856.

The reason for this letter was that Nilkanth Varni had heard a lot about Ramanand Swami from Muktanand Swami, as he was a disciple of his. He was eager to meet him. Nilkanth Varni decided to go and meet Ramanand Swami in Bhuj, but Muktanand Swami persuaded him to stay in Loj and write a letter to him instead.

Both Nilkanth Varni and Muktanand Swami wrote a personal letter to Ramanand Swami. Mayaram Bhatt took the 2 letters to Bhuj to Ramanand Swami.


Muktanand Swami’s letter to Ramanand Swami

Muktanand Swami’s letter was like an introduction. He described Nilkanth Varni’s body and shape at the time he saw Him. He described Him as bony and skinny. He looked like this because he was on Vanvicharan. Muktanand Swami described everything about Him.


Nilkanth Varni’s letter to Ramanand Swami

Nilkanth Varni requested Ramanand Swami to return to Loj as early as possible.

When Ramanand Swami opened the letter the room filled with tej. He was sitting on the gadi as he read the letter, when he had finished reading the letter he sat down off the gadi and sat on the floor. He said that all problems are solved. Everyone was waiting for a sign from Bhagwan to say that He has taken birth on Earth. The tej from the letter was the sign that He is on Earth.

Ramanand Swami and other deities had a conversation about how big Nilkanth Varni was.

How big do you think he is?
Deities asked Ramanand Swami if Nilkanth Varni was bigger than Sukhanand Swami. Ramanand Swami replied yes.
Then they asked is Nilkanth Varni bigger than Muktanand Swami? Again Ramanand Swami replied with yes.
Then they asked is Nilkanth Varni bigger than you? He then replied Nilkanth Varni is bigger than everyone. There is no-one as big as Nilkanth Varni.

After sending this letter Nilkanth Varni was waiting for a reply from Ramanand Swami to see what he would say. He was waiting for Mayaram Bhatt to return in Loj with a reply from Ramanand Swami.


Ramanand Swamis reply to Muktanand Swami

He told Muktanand Swami to look after Nilkanth Varni and keep him happy. Learn everything about satsang from Him.


Ramanand Swamis reply to Nilkanth Varni

He wrote to Nilkanth Varni telling him to take care of himself and his body, because he has a lot of work to do in spreading satsang. You have a lot of people to teach. You need to teach people about ashtang yoga. Do what Muktanand Swami asks. Do not come and see me. We will come and see you to have your darshan.

Ramanand Swami first met Nilkanth Varni in Piplana, which is 6km away from Loj. They met on the 12th day of bright half of Jeth month in the of Samvat year 1856